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-(Ska Cat) Made some tabs for both “Factions & Roles” and “Game Modes”.

-(Ska Cat) Should convert “Weapons” tabs from NV/US to North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Post Updates like the ARVN and ANZAC would force us to change it later.

-We need Natty and Zach to help us code this stuff.

-Oscar, fix the link “Developer- Antimatter Games” below in the footer. You dun goofed.

-(Ska Cat) Need this plugin, would be really useful:

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A word from Oscar

Do what you want with this wiki - do not concern yourself with TW/AMG approval. Add as much content as you can but keep it organized and clean. If you need a plugin or help with something let me know. I'll contribute as I have time and I think Jack and Toby are also interested in pitching in.

I want this wiki to be the absolute center of information surrounding the game. Latest news, patch notes, detailed game information, sdk & server info/help, etc. We will have a link to the wiki in game. Probably main menu.