PPSh-41, 7.62 × 25 mm Soviet

Factions People's Army of Vietnam
National Liberation Front
Weapon Type Submachine Gun, Magazine-fed
Roles Sapper
Inventory Slot Primary (Slot 1)
Variants 2
Caliber 7.62 × 25 mm Soviet

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Weapon Specifications


-Stick Mag Variant
This variant allows more overall ammunition and allows the user to aim down sights faster, but is given smaller magazines.

-Drum Mag Variant
This variant gives larger magazines, but smaller amounts of overall ammunition while making the user aim down sights a lot slower.

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Magazine Type Stick Mag Drum Mag
Ammo Type Russian 7.62×25 FMJ - 85gr
Rounds Per Magazine 35 Rounds 65 Rounds
Magazines 4 Magazines 2 Drums
Weight Per Magazine 0.67 kg 1.8 kg
Weight 3.63 kg
Firemodes Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire 950 RPM
Recoil Vertical:170
Spread (MOA) 8
Length 730
Melee Reach 840
Instant-hit Damage 54
Damage Value 149
Energy Impulse 134.5
Penetration Depth 15
Ballistic Coefficient 0.11
Velocity 488 m/s