M60 GPMG, 7.62x51mm

FactionsUnited States Army
United States Marine Corps
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Weapon Type Light Machine Gun, Belt-fed
Roles Machine Gunner
Inventory Slot Primary (Slot 1)
Variants 2
Caliber 7.62×51 mm NATO

“The M60 General Purpose Machinegun is a powerful fire-support weapon with high ammunition capacity”
— in-game description

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Weapon Specifications


-Box Belt Variant

The Shotgun for the US Forces

-Belt variant

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Belt Type Belt Box Belt
Ammo Type
Rounds Per Belt 300 Rounds 200 Rounds
Magazines 3 Box Belts 1 Belt
Weight Per Magazine 3.08 kg / 6.97 lbs 6.16 kg / 13.58 lbs
Weight 10.5 kg / 22.05 lbs
Features Folding Bipod
Firemodes Fully Automatic
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Recoil Vertical: 350 (90 when deployed)
Horizontal: 200 (50 when deployed)
Spread (MOA) 3
Length 1,105 mm
Melee Reach None
Instant-hit Damage 120
Damage Value 803
Energy Impulse 416
Penetration Depth 17
Ballistic Coefficient 0.20
Velocity 853 m/s


  • The M60 GPMG was nicknamed “The Pig” due to its huge size.