M61 Fragmentation Grenade

Factions United States Army
United States Marine Corps
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Weapon Type Anti-personnel Mine
Roles Pointman (USMC)
Inventory Slot Equipment (Slot 3)

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Weapon Specifications

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Weight 1.6 kg / 3.53 lbs
Characteristics Placable
Features Detonation by Trigger
Length 216 mm
Width 38 mm
Height 124 mm
Detonation Range 50 m
Max Entities Allowed 2 Charges
Damage Value ?
Energy Impulse 2000
Velocity ? m/s
Effective Range 25 m
Lethal Range Forward 40 m cone (60°)
2 m Radius around Claymore


  • There are many misconceptions about claymores as seen in many video games. As seen in both the game and real life, the claymore will not explode when shot at. Claymores will only be triggered upon detonation.