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 |**Factions**|[[factions:​People'​s Army of Vietnam]]\\ [[faction:​National Liberation Front]]| |**Factions**|[[factions:​People'​s Army of Vietnam]]\\ [[faction:​National Liberation Front]]|
 |**Weapon Type**| Assault Rifle| |**Weapon Type**| Assault Rifle|
-|**Roles**| [[nvrole:​rifleman:​guerrilla| Rifleman / Guerrilla]] \\ [[nvrole:​Radioman]] \\ [[nvrole:​Commander]]|+|**Roles**| [[nvrole:​rifleman:​guerrilla| Rifleman / Guerrilla]] \\ [[nvrole:​Radioman]]|
 |**Inventory Slot**| Primary (Slot 1)| |**Inventory Slot**| Primary (Slot 1)|
 |**Variants**| 3| |**Variants**| 3|