North Vietnamese tripwire trap.

Traps can be placed in the ground for unsuspecting enemies, and are exclusive to the North Vietnamese forces.

Gameplay Details

The trap is triggered when an enemy soldier runs over or into the trap. Tripwire traps and punji traps are the only traps that require dirt or soil in order to be place, but can be more easily camouflaged than toe-poppers. The Pointman is the only class that can see traps as glowing red objects at close range and inform their team, but all classes can disarm traps. When an objective is captured, any nearby traps will disappear.


  • South Vietnam soldiers with light gear can survive MD-82B Mines if they run fast enough, usually Pointman.
  • Artillery, Spooky, and napalm support can destroy any traps.
  • Whoever indirectly triggers the trap is responsible for those who die by it.
  • Friendlies cannot be harmed by traps when walking over them as long as nothing else triggers it.

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