Allows the player switch between various fire modes to fit their needs for appropriate situations.

Gameplay Details

A fair majority of the weapons in the game feature two fire modes rather than one. Changing firemose allows for the adjustment of ammunition conservation, recoil reduction, and suppressing the enemy. Changing firemodes is done by the X (Default) Key.

Type Description
Fully Automatic Automatic is the default select fire for automatic weapons. In this mode, automatic weapons fire as long as the trigger is held down, at anywhere from 400 to 900 rounds per minute. Although automatic fire allows for much more suppressive capability overall and a much greater chance of hitting at very close ranges, it causes much stronger recoil than semi-automatic fire.
Burst Burst is present on a select few weapons. In this mode, the weapon fires a burst of three bullets each time the trigger is pulled. Burst fire, like automatic fire, has the advantage of putting multiple rounds down range, but it lacks the disadvantage of wasting ammunition easily.
Dual Dual fire is only an option for weapons with two barrels. In this mode, the weapon shoots two slugs or shells at a time. This causes a wider spread and a higher chance of hitting the target, but with the downside that the weapon must be reloaded right away, without the chance for a follow-up shot.
Semi-Automatic Semi-automatic fire is optional on many automatic weapons and default on battle rifles and carbines. In this mode, the weapon will fire a single bullet each time the trigger is pulled, and cycle so that another is ready to be fired as soon as the trigger is released. Although this firing mode is less suppressive than fully automatic fire, it conserves ammunition and produces less recoil.
Bolt Action Bolt-action fire is the only option for a few rifles in the game. It is much more difficult to suppress or make follow-up shots with bolt-action weapons, but they are very accurate and powerful. Because of this, in the more technologically advanced American military, bolt-action weapons see little use except as sniper rifles. However, for the North Vietnamese, who lack a full-power semi-automatic rifle, bolt-action rifles still find a role as a high-power, accurate weapon for the average rifleman.


  • Burst is currently the one of the only fire modes not present on any of the current weapons.