HUD icon for resupplying.

A static entity on the various places of a map that allows the player to resupply their ammunition, equipment, and bandages.

Gameplay Details

When nearby a Resupply Cache, the player will manually recover any missing ammunition, bandages, or equipment in their inventory over time until it is full. The Resupply Cache will not replenish any weapon lost or dropped.


Unique to the Pilot classes, helicopters that return to the airbase will be able to resupply their aircraft's ammunition as well as repair any damaged formed on it. Any Pilot or Co-Pilot killed will be replaced as well. The ammunition resupplied also replenishes over time.

HUD icon for helicopter resupply areas.


  • Certain weapons and equipment are limited to the amount of times you can resupply them to avoid spam.
  • If a helicopter lands near supply cache regardless of its type, it will still resupply the helicopter and even fix it.

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