Checking ammo icon when full.

When a weapon depletes all of its ammunition, the player is required to reload their weapon. The player is also able to check and determine the status of their current ammunition.

Gameplay Details

As in other games, weapons are fed by magazines or clips, and these must be reloaded. A feature specific to this series, though, is the lack of a clear ammunition counter. Instead, holding down the reload key will check the amount of ammunition left in the magazine. Another special feature is that each magazine is considered a separate thing in your inventory. Instead of always having a full magazine ready, if you reload in the middle of a magazine and then run out of full magazines, you will begin to reload magazines that are not full. Therefore, simply reloading after every firefight is not an option; you must manage your ammunition and make a conscious choice to reload if your weapon is not empty.


  • Reused mags are recycled in order.
  • Weapons with bigger belts or magazines tend to take longer to reload.

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