HUD Icon for dialing in sights.

Adjusting your “zero” is useful when your target is at long range, since bullets will begin to drop off the further they fly. Firing at an enemy with the wrong zero will often result in missing your target. While aiming high will also adjust for long ranges, changing the sight position will obstruct the target less.

Gameplay Details

A majority of weapons includes an option to dial in their sights. This mechanic is useful when dealing with long range engagements with the correct zeroing point. For a majority of weapons, when a bullet is fired at a far distanced, particularly pass 200 meters, the bullet will drop over time, usually missing its target when set to the wrong zero. Correcting the zero or often aiming higher at such distances will often result in better outcomes.


  • Some weapons that have sight ranging can go as far as up to 2,000+ meters.

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