Bipod deployed icon.

The ability to place a weapon with a bipod on surfaces or obstacles to greatly reduce sway and recoil

Gameplay Details

Deploying a weapon's bipod and placing it on a surface or obstacle will greatly reduce the amount of recoil. The player can place their bipod nearly everywhere when prone, and on many obstacles when near them. Although it makes the weapon much more controllable and accurate, it leaves the player stationary with reduced spatial awareness, and will often expose them unnecessarily. To avoid being shot in this fragile state, the player can hold the crouch button to duck behind cover with their bipod still place. The player also has the option to retract their bipod to prevent placing it on surfaces unintentionally.


  • When resting a weapon with a retracted bipod, the reduction in sway and recoil is nearly as effective with a bipod placed.
  • A deployed bipod will always keep the player aimed in, unless crouched.

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