The kills icons for Bayoneting and Melee Bashing.

Bayonets, which are optionally attachable to specific weapon, and Melee Bash allow the player to engage in close quarters against their opponents using melee combat.

Gameplay Details


The ability to attach or deploy a bayonet on a specific selection of weapon or variants for melee combat. Bayonets provide more damage compared to melee bashing. A downside to the bayonet is that it decreases your accuracy when attached.

Melee Bash

Melee Bash is present on a majority of weapons and is the default melee attack. Melee bash lacks the amount of damage it can give compared to a bayonet normally, but can be more effective when charging.


  • Bayonets can increase the sway of a weapon.
  • In third world perspective, other players can see the player fix or unfix their bayonets.
  • Charge attacks can be cancelled by press the right-mouse-button.

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