Using their ability to spot and disarm Vietnamese traps such as MD-82B Mines and Tripwires (highlighted in red at X meters), the Pointman must notify teammates of enemy traps and safely clear the way for others. They can also provide smokescreens in assaults and have the ability to plant Claymore mines, which must be manually detonated.

Gameplay Details

The Pointman is both a supportive and offensive role. With access to sub-machine guns and shotguns, the Pointman has an advantage in close range combat and sometimes rate of fire, as well as quicker aiming down sights. These traits purpose the Pointman is to conduct assaults in smaller areas of shorter ranges, examples such as buildings, trenches, or vegetated areas. In wide open areas, the Pointman loses advantage on the battlefield and becomes vulnerable to targets of longer ranges due to their ineffective arsenal against these circumstances. They also have access to two claymores, which can be used depending on how fit they see them in a situation; on the offensive, their 50 meter radius can spray hundreds of pellets at once a building or vegetated areas, or on the defensive, wipe out any incoming enemies. The Pointman also gets two smoke grenades which can be vital to the team, providing visual cover when attacking a position. Pointman can also be effective when under a Squad Leader, as they can respawn on their squad leader and toss smoke grenades upon each death without relying on ammunition caches.

As said in the description of their name, Pointman, they should always be in front of their squad or team. They are able to automatically detect nearby enemy traps which are presented as a red glowing entity to the individual, allowing anyone nearby to easily disarm it. When they are detected, the Pointman will yell it out. This allows the Pointman to help their team avoid traps in unsuspected areas that could have led to deaths.


United States

The Pointman wears few ammo pouches and with a flashlight attached to the soldier's belt and suspenders. A pistol holster is present on the right side of his waste. He does not wear a backpack of any sort. A pair of dog tags are seen worn when shirtless.

Australian Forces

The Pointman carries a buttpack along with four canteens. He carries two a pistol holster and ammo pouches for SMG stick mags, along with a flashlight on his suspenders.


United States Army

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
M3A1 M1911A1 M61 Grenade Binoculars (Squad Leader)
M37 Ithaca M1917 M8 Smoke M18 Smoke (Squad Leader)

United States Marines

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
M3A1 M1911A1 M61 Grenade x2 Binoculars (Squad Leader)
M37 Ithaca M1917 M8 Smoke x2 M18 Smoke (Squad Leader)

Australian Army

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder


  • Due to the Pointman's light arsenal and gear, they not only run faster, but fast enough to trigger a MD-82 Mine without being harmed.

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