The Grunt is the standard infantryman and the main element of front-line assaults. Their armament allows them to be versatile in engaging enemies at both short and long range, whereby using semi-automatic fire to suppress and kill at range and controlled bursts while in closer engagements. Although the M16 may be weaker than the AK-47, it provides more accurate and controllable firepower.

Gameplay Details

The Grunt is the the standard infantry rifleman on the battlefield for the Southern Vietnam forces. Their rifles give them the advantage on the battlefield, giving them range and an arsenal of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Their main role involves helping the South Vietnam forces attack or defend objectives and provide main infantry support for the team. When in mass numbers, this role can be quite a threat to opposing forces, creating greater firepower and an effective team. With good communication with the squad, the team, and other roles, this role can be at its fullest use.


United States

The Grunt carries a rucksack featuring a shovel in its sheath along with two canteens. He carries a bandolier of rifle ammunition along with other pouches on the front. On him are three grenades and a flash light. A pair of dog tags can be seen worn when shirtless.

Australian Forces

The Grunt carries a rucksack features a shovel in its sheath and a buttpack along with four canteens. He carries two ammo pouches.


United States Forces

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
M16A1 M1911A1 (Squad Leader) M61 Grenade x2 Binoculars (Squad Leader)
M14 M1917 (Squad Leader) M18 Smoke (Squad Leader)

Australian Army

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
Placeholder Placeholder M61 Grenade x2 Binoculars (Squad Leader)
Placeholder Placeholder M18 Smoke (Squad Leader)


  • During early testings, the Grunt had a sidearm regardless of being a Squad Leader or not.

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