The Sapper has the ability to place traps such as mines as well as an arsenal that gives an advantage over their enemies in short and medium engagements by rate of fire and aiming down sights.

Gameplay Details

Unique to the Sapper role, they have access to the MD-82 Mine which can be placed near anywhere from soft-to-hard surfaces, but are only limited to five. Whenever the player dies, their mines will remain on the map for the rest of the match until they switch classes, gear, teams, or leave the game; any mines that placed that surpasses five will automatically remove the oldest mine placed. The Sapper's task is to plant mines in obscure locations and choke points for unsuspecting South Vietnam soldiers. Areas such as vegetation, dark places, stairs, behind window entrances, and other obscure locations are usually spots in which enemies tend to have difficulties discovering mines, although areas suspected of booby traps by the enemy will have them think carefully and possibly disarming a trap if placed so openly. Although great in quantity, the mines are also limited in range, up to three meters in lethal radius. Placing a chain of mines can largely increase the lethal radius of the mines, but also limits the Sapper to placing fewer mines in other areas. As said previously, enemies have the ability to disarm mines, especially places in which they become to suspicious; mines will also get triggered when underneath the pressure of artillery, so it recommended to keep mindful of that.

When friendly infantry walk over a Sapper's mines, they will not detonate it, although they can be harmed by them depending on the situation. It is advised that when placing mines that they to be kept away from places usually populated by friendly troops. Any mine that can kill an enemy soldier can also kill a friendly who happens to be nearby. Sometimes, enemies will trigger random mines with explosives or bullets, often killing anyone near it, or if lucky an enemy. Other times, friendlies may accidentally trigger the mines as well in the same cases as the enemy; the RPG is also a victim of this in many cases as the backblast of the RPG-7 tends trigger the mines as well. It is always advised to be mindful of other allies when placing mines, as they to can get caught in the blast.


The Sapper carries an ammo pouch and a big bag, possibly where he stores his mines. On his back is a rucksack with a shovel and a canteen bottle. He carries a pouch with two grenades.


North Vietnam Forces

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
SKS TT-33 (Squad Leader) MD-82 Mine x5 Mattock (Squad Leader)
PPSh-41 PM (Squad Leader) Binoculars (Squad Leader)


  • The Sapper is the only class that has access to the PPSH-41.

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