With their portable radio, the Radioman provides a mobile way for Commanders to call in their abilities. Both Radiomen and the Commander must be conscious of each other's whereabouts on the battlefield. When not needed, they can play the role of a typical Rifleman, except that they carry smoke rather than grenades.

Gameplay Details

The Radioman's purpose is to act like the portable radio for the Commander, allowing the Commander to be closer to the front of the battle. Both the Commander and the Radioman require effective cooperation and communication in order to achieve the best results. Without communication, the Radioman will often serve no other purpose than being another Rifleman. With a Radioman, he can be used by the Commander anywhere on the map without restrictions; the advantages of a Radioman not only includes be portable anywhere, but can be used in areas in which are safe away from combat or when a static radio is unavailable to too far away. When the Commander uses the Radioman, he is given 10 points for each request. The Radioman is also provided with smoke grenades and can contribute to advances on an objective, providing visual cover.


The Radioman wears a Radio on his back and a canteen. A bandolier of nine SKS pouches and a bandolier of three AK-47 pouches are worn around his body. A pouch with two grenades is worn.


North Vietnam Forces

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
AK-47 TT-33 (Squad Leader) RGD-43 Smoke x2 Mattock (Squad Leader)
SKS PM (Squad Leader) Binoculars (Squad Leader)


  • The Radioman can be used by the enemy Commander.
  • Recon can still be requested while Radioman gets killed. The Commander must still be around the Radioman's body.

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