The Machine Gunner is a vital support role, crucial for laying down heavy firepower to either suppress or eliminate enemies. On the offensive, they provide cover for advancing teammates by suppressing defenders. On the defensive, they slow the enemy advance by forcing them to stay in cover and by cutting off routes to the objective.

Gameplay Details

The Machine Gunner is equipped with weapons of great firepower as well as the ability to suppress opposing forces using large quantities of ammunition at any distance. Their heavy firepower and combination of endless flow of ammunition effectively suppresses the enemy, allowing their team to advance or halt enemy offensives. The Machine Gunner can also be supplied by fellow teammates when in need of ammunition. The Machine Gunner is most effective when placed in a stationary position, greatly reducing sway as well as recoil, although leaves their surroundings exposed. Unlike most infantry, the Machine Gunner has a reduction in speed due to their equipment and suffer reduced speed when aiming down sights on a machine gun.


The Machinegunner carries an ammo pouch with a RPD drum and a pistol holster. On his back is a rucksack and a canteen bottle. He carries a pouch with two grenades.


People's Army of Vietnam

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
RPD TT-33 Type 67 Grenade Mattock (Squad Leader)
PM Binoculars (Squad Leader)

National Liberation Front

Primaries (Slot 1) Secondaries (Slot 2) Equipment (Slot 3) Equipment (Slot 4)
RPD TT-33 Type 67 Grenade Mattock (Squad Leader)
DP-28 PM Binoculars (Squad Leader)


  • The machine gunner can be resupplied by anyone, including another machine gunner.

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