Green Army Men Mod

Creator(s)Nitronik (Project Lead, Character Art, 3D Art)
Matt Zaneski (Level design, 3D Art)
BeskarMando (Programmer)
nymets1104 (Level Design)
Lukas Stratmann (3D Art)
SgtJoe (Technical Support)
Workshop Green Army Men Mod

The Green Army Men mod brings a new perspective of war on the battlefield in the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm series by putting the player in the plastic shoes of green and blue toy soldiers. Unlike the serious gore and traumatic experiences of realistic and authentic combat experiences of war, this mods brings a fictional war in a kid friendly environment. Re-experience the childhood fantasies of many men alike, as the memories of playing with plastic soldiers becomes a reality.



-New character models
Play as either a Green or Blue plastic soldier - with colored weaponry and gear to match!

-New maps
Inspired by the classic rat maps and movies such as “Honey, I shrunk the kids”, the mod will include brand new maps to enjoy from a totally unique perspective

-Symmetrical gameplay
Both armies have access to the same air support abilities, the same weaponry, and most importantly, the same vehicles! Enjoy the wealth of Air Support options found in RS2:Vietnam from both sides of the battle!


Click on one of the factions below to learn more about them.





  • The mod only features the Green and Blue Army men, despite tan being a more iconic image compared to blue
  • Army men can drop their weapons, meaning that they can pick up weapons of other colored factions, allowing them to use different colored weapons.
  • Army men toys started to become unpopular and had sales dropped around the 1960s and 1970s, due to the unpopularity of the Vietnam War. During the 20th and 21st centuries, toy soldiers received criticism, being accused of promoting militarism and gun violence, having influence in media as well as in school.
  • The first plastic toy soldiers were made in 1938 by Bergen Toy & Novelty Co.
  • Colored variations of toy soldiers were introduced by Louis Marx and Company and Multiple Plastics Corporation.