There are three stances in which a player can be positioned in, including standing, crouching, and prone. Stances affect the stamina's rate of recovery, lying prone is the most efficient way to regain stamina, while crouching is the second best, and simply standing is the least effective. Stances also affect weapon sway and recoil. Again lying prone is the most efficient way to reduce these two factors.

Gameplay Details

When positioned in a certain stance, multiple factors are contributed depending on the situation. The player can switch to any stance they ware comfortable in. When standing in a certain stance, the player will have a wider or limited view, exposure, and sway. Depending on the stance also reflects on how much stamina is recovered to reduce sway.

Type Description
Standing Standing is the player's default stance. It lets them move more quickly than other stances and see more of the battlefield, but it presents a large target. The player will have poor control of recoil, sway, and aim when in this position.
Crouching Crouching presents a smaller target than standing and reduces the player's risk of exposure to enemy fire, especially when behind cover, at the cost of slowing the player down somewhat. Crouching provides more control of aim, sway, and recoil than standing.
Prone Going prone exposes the player to very little enemy fire when behind cover, but if outflanked, it can present more of the body than any other stance. Prone provides a great amount of recoil, sway, and aim control, but it slows the player down greatly. Prone also allows the player to regain stamina much more quickly than usual.


  • Aiming while crouched will slightly raise the player's height, sometimes exposing them to danger.

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