Default jogging.

Sprinting is faster form of movement in which the player moves quicker than their average speed when walking.

Gameplay Details

When sprinting, the player will be able to move faster. The player is able to sprint in any position that they are in;this includes when the player is prone or crouched, providing liability when in desperate needs. Although sprinting helps the player get from place to place, other factors will come in, such as Sway. Should the player get shot, particularly around the legs, the player will likely be unable to sprint.

Type Description
Sprinting Sprinting lets the player run faster than the normal jogging speed. The more equipmet they are wearing and the heavier it is, the slower the player sprints. The player is also allow to melee charge or toss grenades when sprinting. Although sprinting allows the player to move with more aggression and spend less time in the open, it quickly drains stamina, making it difficult to aim, or control breathing and sway. Stamina can be regained when stationary, and more quickly if crouched or prone.
Crouch Sprinting A special feature of the RO/RS series is crouch-sprinting, which allows the player to move more quickly than normal jogging while still presenting a small target. However, it reduces movement speed compared to normal sprinting, so its utility is limited. Though crouch-sprinting may seem like the obvious choice, in reality it's best to avoid using this stance unless there is no downside to losing speed and an advantage to the reduced profile, such as in a trench or behind a wall or small hill.
Crouch Sprinting from Prone If the player is prone and tries to sprint, they will automatically raise themselves to a crouch before beginning to sprint, and automatically go prone again when the sprint key is released. This reduces the number of key presses needed to sprint from prone, but it may annoy players who are used to using sprint to hold their breath. If the player does not want to go prone after sprinting, they can simply double-tap the crouch key right before stopping, in which case they will stay crouched when the sprint key is released.
Diving to Prone If the player hits the prone key while sprinting, they can dive forwards to prone. Diving can surprise the enemy and make the player harder to hit in the last few meters before reaching cover, but its effectiveness is limited, as it is not as controllable or predictable as just running into cover.


  • Large volumes of water can slow down the player.

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