Allows the player to mantle and climb over obstacles that are in the way.

Gameplay Details

When mantling over obstacles, …….

Type Description
Mantling Allows the players mantle over obstacles and cover that are the player's way. Mantling at the wrong time can be threatening, as players are expose for a couple to few seconds, giving enemies the chance to take advantage of a situation.
Mantling from Lethal Heights Endangers the player to inevitable damage or possibly death. Mantling from high heights will break the player's legs, largely decreasing their speed for a few seconds for enemies to take advantage of. Although it may seem unnecessary, it allows the player to escape tight situations such as explosives and pursuing enemies.
Climb Up Allows the player to climb onto an obstacle or surface. Unlike mantling, the player does not vault over the object, but instead climbs and stands on it. This usually occurs when the player is climbing up onto big surfaces enough for the player to walk around.


  • Be careful when mantling, as the player cannot cancel the animation once in progress.

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