Overhead map of Hue City.

A special feature present to all players is spotting. Spotting allows the player to point at areas of where enemies are or could be and yell, allowing everyone around him know.

Gameplay Details

When spotting, a pinpoint image on their HUD will appear for the spotter determining the distance between him and the suspected enemy position. To other players, they will not be able to see this on their HUD, although they'll be able to check their maps of the possible location. The downside to this mechanic though, is that even if the player spots something, it may be possible that there is no enemey present in the area.

The spotting mechanic is not just limited to spotting infantry, but other Advanced Classes as well. When a spotting a special enemy, the player will yell out the specialty and role of the enemy. Although useful information, it is only limited to to Advanced classes, as basic classes would be classified as normal infantry. Special classes include helicopters, snipers, RPGs, machine gunner, and other roles.


  • If a spotted enemy is marked with a circle on the player's HUD, that means they discovered an actual enemy in that location.
  • Spotted enemies seen by and to helicopters are marked with squares instead of circle.
  • Spotting does not work on Squad Tunnels.

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