Overhead map of Hue City.

All classes are able to resupply a Machinegunner, giving them extra ammunition.

Gameplay Details

Every role is able to resupply (default key “F”) a Machinegunner once, unless the same player resupplies at another cache, allowing them to resupply another machinegunner. Each machinegunner though can only be resupplied once until they exhaust that ammunition. Resupplying a machinegunner is important, as the more bullets they have, the longer they can hold a position as well as suppressing enemy positions. This feature allows players to resupply nearby machinegunners without having them leave their position for more ammunition. A player is awarded 2+ points for every time they resupply a machinegunner.


  • A machinegunner can be resupplied by another machinegunner; strangely enough, no ammunition is lost, and the amount increases.

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