Overhead map of Hue City.

Allows a Squad Leader or Commander place an artillery mark on a specific coordinate, allowing the Commander to call in support on that particular mark when desired.

Gameplay Details

A Squad Leader or Commander is able to place fire support coordinates on the battlefield (by default “B+Left Click”). If an attempted placement mark is deemed invalid, the user will receive a reply from the announcer about their invalid mark, as it will not appear on the map; this usually occurs when a mark is placed in an area where the combat is not located, or is blocked by the map. When a mark is placed, it will appear on the map for the Squad Leader to see; all Squad Leader marks including the Commander's, will appear on the the Commander's map. When a Squad Leader or Commander places an artillery mark, a notification will appear in text chat allowing the team to know. If a Squad Leader's mark is used, each enemy that is killed by that mark will give the Squad Leader Fire Support Assist points.


  • A fire support coordinate will remain where it is even if a Squad Leader or Commander leaves the role.
  • Fire support coordinates that are moved while in the process of being called in when still activate, sometimes leading to accidental placements of support that result in friendly casualties.

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