Overhead map of Hue City.

Communication can be used in a variety ways, including through VOIP, text chat, or the voice commands. Communication allows the players to communicate with one another, allowing them to cooperate with one another, inform, command, and other related things. Players are also able to communicate with the other team, or through in spectate.

Gameplay Details

Text Chat

Text chat is one of the basic forms of communication that a player is offered to use. This chat will appear at the bottom left of the screen as part of the HUD. Text allows the player to type out their messages and relay it to other players. Public chat (default key “T”) allows the player to type a message globally to all the players on the server; the color a player's name has in the message sent by them shows what team that particular player is from. Team chat (default key “Y”) lets the player send messages to only their team; team chat is bolded and labeled as “team”. Squad chat (default key “Y”) allows the player to communicate with only members in their squad; squad chat is color-coded to the squad's color. Spectators of the game who type will appear as purple.


VOIP allows users with microphones to communicate through voice. Voice chat is much more noticeable compared to text chat, allowing a more precise and vivid message to the other people, which can be helpful for call-outs, important messages, and commanding. The player must activate their push-to-talk (default key “Left Caps Lock”) in order to communicate through VOIP. The player can switch their VOIP channels to what they desire (default key “O”). Although switched to a different VOIP channel, the player will still be able to hear other players from the same or different VOIP channel. Public VOIP allows the player to talk to the other team, although some servers may have this option disabled. Team VOIP allows the player to talk to only members of their team. Squad VOIP limits their communication to their squad. Vehicle VOIP is restricted to passengers of the vehicle only. 3D Proximity VOIP allows the player to talk to those around them, allowing only those near them to hear, including both friends and foes.

If desired, the player can personally mute another player if needed by going to their…..

Voice Commands


  • It is a known issue that despite a player being muted, players who join after the mute will still hear them.
  • The game only supports Latin text when communicating.

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