Overhead map of Hue City.

Commander Radios and Radioman are entities in which a Commander can access to request certain commander abilities. Both entities will appear on the Commander's map and tactical HUD.

Gameplay Details

Commander Radios are static entities on a map that can be accessed by the Commander. Depending on some maps, radios may appear and disappear when objectives are captured. Radios cannot be tampered with or destroyed. If reconnaissance is active while the Commander is near the radio, enemy locations will appear on the map for everyone to see, although if the Commander leaves the radio, it will no longer view enemy locations as the Commander is required in order to meet the conditions. If the Commander is killed while they are requesting support, any ability that did not get completed during the call will be invalid.

Radioman is an individual player that carries a portable radio for the Commander to use. Like a static radio, the Commander can request any support available to him. If the Radioman is killed before or during a request, support will be immediately invalid. Radiomen will often appear on the Commander's tactical HUD, making it easier to identify a Radioman. By using a Radioman, they receive a bonus of +25 points in return for each ability. Radioman can be useful as sometimes maps lack radios, too far away, or too much of a risk to access. The advantage of Radiomen allows the Commander to be able to use them anywhere as long as they are present and near, although it may sometimes require communication between the two in order to work at their best.


  • Even if the Radioman being used is killed during an active reconnaissance, it will still appear on the map as long as the Commander is near the location of the Radioman's death.

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