Bleeding icon.

A majority of times when a player is shot in a particular or vital spot, the player will bleed to death if not treated. To treat the bleeding, the player must use their limited capacity of bandages.

Gameplay Details


Bleeding occurs when the player is hit by a bullet in vital areas. If the player is bleeding, they will move very slowly, and will die if the bleeding is not bandaged. Different rates of bleeding will kill the player after different amounts of time. When bleeding, the player is informed that they are able to bandage.


When a player is bleeding, they can bandage their wounds, and when bandaging, a progression bar appears, showing the amount of time still required. The player is issued two bandages, but can resupply their bandages when near a Resupply Point. Although bandaging can save players from bleeding to death, it also leaves them stationary and exposed to enemies and threats nearby. If it is absolutely necessary for self-defense, bandaging can be cancelled, but the player will have to start again.


  • When a player is bleeding, they do not take damage over time.
  • The player can be seen bleeding, as well as blood decals on nearby surfaces and static meshes.

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