Cousteau Plantation

Mapper nymets1104

The North Vietnamese Army defend a plantation they are occupying when they are suddenly attacked by the US Army.


“Cousteau Plantation is a fictional location based on and inspired by the John Wayne Film, The Green Berets. In the movie, John Wayne leads a group of Special Forces Soldiers into an enemy controlled plantation with the assistance of a Vietnamese Actress in order to kidnap a high ranking NVA Officer. The attack takes place at night when many of the soldiers posted at the mansion are gambling and caught off guard. The kidnapping goes off successfully after a brief firefight and John Wayne and his men escape in the General's Car. A second group of Green Berets has placed charges on a bridge near a NVA Checkpoint. Once John Wayne and his men have crossed back over, the bridge is destroyed. I saw this movie as a teenager and it was one of my first ideas for a map when the game was announced.”

Map Details


5 objectives.

Faction Tickets
US Army 400
NLF 480
Time 22 Minutes


  • The movie was actually filmed in the state of Georgia, in the Southeastern US.
  • The map was the first night map published for RS2.
  • “The flare that pops off at the beginning of the map is triggered by a player entering a specific zone near the A cap, and the effect itself was imported from a modified RS1 effectthat I used on the Aufmarsch Map, Dammerung.”
  • The Mansion is a modified version of the D objective from Hue.
  • There is a punji pit near A that will instantly kill anyone who falls in it.
  • The burning trees near the C Objective will injure you if you get too close.
  • “I originally copied the Guadalcanal Sky and Light but felt that it looked too similar to this map and wanted to give it a more unique look so I made my own sky and modify the lighting.”