Cambodian Incursion

Mapper Para94
WorkshopCambodian Incursion

A small United States outpost is trying to sweep the area clear from the Viet Cong force that massacred the local villagers.


“Although Cambodia itself was neutral and declared as demilitarized zone, the People's Army of Vietnam and Vietcong used the mostly underpopulated eastern parts of Cambodia as Sanctuary into which they could withdraw and regroup. After a change in the Cambodian government the US was finally able to intervene, and President Nixon announced the start of the Cambodian Incursion.”

Map Details


The first 5 Objective resemble the deep jungle fights of the Vietnam War. In every bush or behind every corner there could be a North Vietnamese ambush, so the US forces should be careful. The last objective is a rice farm nestled among steep cliffs, and features a more open area leading to a fight across a small river.

Faction Tickets
US Army 560
NLF 500
Time 35 Minutes


  • The map itself is based on the Battlefield Vietnam maps Cambodian Incursion and Ho-Chi-Minh-Trail, but using the more powerful computers to make the map look more like a jungle.