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AH-1G “Cobra”

FactionsUnited States Army
United States Marine Corps
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Type Combat Helicopter
Seats 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Weapons Ammunition
M134 7.62 × 51 mm NATO Minigun 4000
40 mm Grenade Launcher 50 Rounds
M195 20 mm Rotary Cannon 950 Rounds
FFAR Rockets 21 Rockets

The AH-1G “Cobra” is an attack helicopter whose main purpose is to use its ordnance to destroy enemy positions and tunnels from the air. With a combat pilot and gunner working together, the helicopter can wreck havoc within the battlefield.


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Gameplay Details

The AH-1G “Cobra” is armed with heavy weapons intended to destroy enemy positions. The Cobra is a very important helicopter, as its presence along with a good pilot and gunner can become a threat to the North Vietnamese. With aerial advantage, the Cobra can within enemy positions above, wiping at any advancing infantry or defended positions. It should be kept in mind that the Cobra's munitions are quite limited on its ammo, and can run dry very quickly; weapons such as rockets and the grenades launcher should always be prioritized for more important targets, such as those like Squad Tunnels, denying the enemy a forward spawning position. Should the Cobra run low on its ammunition, it can be returned to base to be rearmed once more. The miniguns, as equipped for both the pilot and gunner, are also as important as their explosive counterparts and can be used as an alternative weapon for infantry, conserving its explosive ammunition for more important targets; the minigun is able to suppress infantry, and is able to pierce structures of more weaker or moderate materials.

The gunner….


  • If timed correctly, a pilot can lift the helicopter while switching seats, lifting the helicopter into the air with no pilot in the pilot's seat. The helicopter will be stuck there until the pilot or helicopter is killed; due to the capabilities of the gunner seat, the pilot is able to take control of the helicopter unlike some other helicopters.