Green Army Men Mod

Blue Army

Nationality Germany
Founded 1950s

The Blue Army is one of the two factions in the Green Army Men Mod, made up of many cheap and disposable, plastic soldiers. Their representation is influenced by the Wehrmacht and share their 20th century arsenal as well. These green soldiers are common among toys and are solder everything to young children, mainly boys, at low prices. When they are not played with and stepped on by their human overlords, these small plastic soldiers will wage war against those of rivaling colors for goals of domination. They have no purpose other than to fight those who do not share the same color, and wave their colors among the many places of the world.


Soldiers of the Blue Army are made up of blue, unpainted, plastic material. They have no faces and are about the size of 5 cm (2 in) tall. Due to their representation of the Wehrmacht, they wear the Stahlhelm, and their uniforms are based on their designs as well.

Weapons and Equipment

Primaries Secondaries Equipment


  • These toy soldiers are responsible as to why parents believe their children break their toys.
  • The color blue is usually depicted as American Civil War Union soldiers or the French military.
  • Despite being based off the Wehrmacht, they speak perfect English in American accents and have the same arsenal as the Green Army.

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