Squads in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam allow players to form small and coordinated groups within a team. When a squad mate is nearby, bonuses such as buffs and benefits come into play, reducing suppression and providing bonus points for contributing and interacting with the squad.

The Squad Leader

The Squad Leader role is open to any Role except for Pilots and Commanders. The Squad Leader helps lead smaller groups throughout the battlefield and provide spawns for the Squad. Squad leaders can also accept or decline orders from the commander and provide suggested artillery coordinates. The South Vietnamese forces spawn directly on their Squad Leader while the North Vietnamese Forces spawn from a destructible Spawn Tunnel built by a Squad Leader. Anyone who is a Squad Leader regardless of their role will receive a pistol.

Joining a Squad

When joining a squad, the player is granted better statistics when near their squad mates. The maximum amount of players a squad is six. When joining a squad, the first person who joins is automatically elected as Squad Leader.

Renaming a Squad

The default name of all the squads is in alphabetical order using the NATO alphabet. The Squad Leader has the option to change a Squad's name to anything. Since the game only supports basic Latin alphabet and numbers, anything that goes out of that range will be viewed as a hash.

Promoting a Squad Member to Squad Leader

A Squad Leader is allowed to promote anyone in their squad as a Squad Leader at the cost of demoting themselves. The Squad Leader's abilities will transfer over after the promoted Squad Member dies.

Inviting people

The Squad Leader is allowed to invite anyone on their team to his squad. Squad invitations allow players to accept or decline an offer, as well as letting them into a locked squad the invitation came from.


The Squad Leader has the ability to lock or and unlock a squad. When a squad is unlocked, anyone on their team can join. When a squad is locked, only players currently occupying a slot, invited by the Squad Leader, or a friend of the Squad Leader can join the following squad.

Kicking a Squad Member

The Squad Leader has the ability to kick any Squad Member out of their squad. To prevent them rejoining the squad, the Squad Leader can lock it as well.