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Territory is a game mode that simulates objectives for attacking and defending teams. The attacking team must capture the objectives while the defending team objective to is to stop them. Players of each team will respawn at their own pace, while trying to work together to achieve their goals in territory.

Gameplay Details

The goal of Territories for the attacking team is to capture all of the defending team's objectives before the round timer runs out; if they do so, they win immediately upon capturing the last objective. The defending team wins by holding at least one objective until the round timer runs out, or by holding until the lockdown timer beings after [X minutes] and runs out after three minutes; by which point, the assault is effectively stalled and the attackers are “locked down.” Lastly, either team can win by exhausting the other team's reinforcements and, either kill all surviving enemies, or wait for the lockdown timer that begins to run out.

Objectives will unlock and become contestable as previous ones are captured by the attackers. The status of an objective is depicted as either dimmed, meaning that it's locked, or fully lit, meaning that it's available to be attacked. Typically, objectives will lock and become impossible for defenders to recapture as soon as the attackers capture them. But sometimes when there are more than one contestable objectives at once, none will lock until the attackers have captured all.

Supported Maps

The following maps support this game mode:

Victory/Defeat Conditions

To achieve victory as the attacking team, the attackers must capture or destroy all available objectives or eliminate the entire defending team's reinforcements and their remaining tickets. To achieve victory as the defending team, the defenders must defend their objectives until either the game's time runs out, if lockdown timer is depleted, or if all remaining reinforcements and their tickets are eliminated.


  • Territory in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam descends from their previous games, dating back as far as Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45; unlike Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad's version of Territory simulated the use of reinforcements waves where players respawn in waves of infantry while Rising Storm 2: Vietnam let's the player respawn at their own pace.

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