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Supremacy is designed to reflect the lack of clear front lines that was characteristic of rural fighting in the Vietnam War. Due to the increased mobility allowed by American helicopters or by the North Vietnamese knowledge of the area, objectives cannot be considered entirely safe from assault and so do not lock when captured. Thus, both teams can attack and defend simultaneously, and the victory conditions are not as simple as in Territories.

Gameplay Details

A feature specific to Supremacy is that objectives only produce points for the team that controls them, and only if they are connected to that team's home base. The goal of Supremacy is to completely drain the enemy of points earned from captured objectives, oftentimes done by cutting off said objectives. If isolated, they contribute nothing to their team until reconnected. Further, should the enemy lose their home base, they won't gain any points until its recaptured, regardless of how many other objectives they control. Alternatively, a team can win by capturing all objectives, following a one-minute timer in which they lose control of none of them. Because of this system, a game can end early regardless of the round timer or reinforcements. Depending on the number and value of objectives each team holds, only the the difference in points each are earning contribute towards draining the team that holds less total points.

For example, if the Team A controls 9 points worth of objectives and the Team B control 7 points worth, the Team A will gain the difference of 2 points. Every five seconds, this amount is deducted from Team B and added to the Team A. In the Tactical HUD, this is represented by the white arrow marker on the points bar pushing the gains of the Team A in blue with every tick into the shrinking Team B. The larger the difference, the faster the arrow marker moves. If it reaches one end of the bar, and thus leaving only one team's color in the bar, that team wins. So teams need not only several–or simply more valuable–objectives, but they need to hold them for a period of time too. Each team begins with 250 points, for a total of 500.

Supported Maps

The following maps support this game mode:

Victory/Defeat Conditions

Victory is awarded when a team has achieved has drained the other team of their tickets and remaining reinforcements, completion of their progress bar at the top, or the most points contributed to the progress bar by the end of the game's time limit. Points contributed to the progress bar occurs when objectives are linked to the team's main base; the more objectives, the more points earned, although if the main base is captured or supply lines are cut off, points are not awarded to the team.


  • Supremacy is a newly introduced gamemode to Red Orchestra series in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

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