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Skirmish is a smaller-scale game mode, simulating the small firefights between squads. The game mode can accomodate up to 24 people, up to 12 each side.

Gameplay Details

The goal of Skirmish is to eliminate every member of the enemy team after depleting their reinforcement timer. The reinforcement timer is depicted as two bars at the top-center of the tactical HUD, each for their corresponding team. These bars will slowly drain over time from their original count of two minutes. In order for dead players to continue respawning, their living teammates must continue to capture objectives, which will then add forty-five seconds to their team's reinforcement timer.

Since there are no reinforcements in the way that they exist in the other game modes, players are represented as icons beneath their team's reinforcement timer bar in the tactical HUD. Any time a player is eliminated, a corresponding player icon is crossed out–otherwise, uncrossed if a player is alive or respawns. Players will continue to respawn until their team's reinforcement timer runs out. Should a team exhaust their timer, they become susceptible to defeat.

Victory/Defeat Conditions

A team wins by eliminating every member of the enemy team while the enemy is unable to respawn. However, if this does not happen within the allotted five-minute round timer, a two-minute instant death timer will initiate, disabling all objectives and removing each team's respawn ability. Should the round remain inconclusive after the instant death timer runs out, the team with the most surviving members will be victorious.

Supported Maps

The following maps support this game mode:


  • Skirmish is a newly introduced gamemode to Red Orchestra series in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

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