“Lest We Forget”

Australian Army

Nationality Australia
New Zealand
Founded 1914

Future Content




The Australian Army shares a few similarities with their United States Army and Marine counterparts, but are mostly made up of their own unique cosmetics and gear. Their standard issued uniforms by default are the jungle greens. Their headgear consisted of bush hats or otherwise known as the “giggle hat”, similar to that of their boonie hats. Some M1 helmets that the United States wear are also worn by the Australian Army, both with and without a camouflage cover….. The Australians of course have their own unique voices and accents.

Weapons and Equipment



  • The military forces in the game of the ANZAC faction are actually the Australian army, as the New Zealand forces are limited to artillery roles.
  • This faction is the first free and downloadable content update in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.
  • One of the headgear cosmetics for the Pilot features the New Zealander kiwi, implying some Pilots in-game are New Zealanders.