Tripwire and Antimatter Games, developers of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, are proud to present the $40,000 Vietnam Modding Contest. Whether you're making a Map or Mod, bring your skills and creativity for a chance to win one of these amazing cash prizes!

Participants will have a chance to have their creations turned official and included in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

$40,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to top submissions in the Best Map and Best Mod categories.

The prizes and winners will be announced in two seperate rounds:

Round 1 - Total Prize: $12,500. Ends October 31st, 2017.
Round 2 - Total Prize: $27,500. Ends February 15th, 2018.

How to Enter:

Click the button below and fill out the following Contest Entry form. Please be sure to read the Contest Rules & Terms carefully.

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is required to access the SDK. If you do not own a copy, grab one now!

Prizes & Categories

The $40,000 Vietnam Modding Contest has 2 separate Rounds and 2 categories to compete in - Best Map and Best Mod with a total of $40,000 in cash prizes to be given away.

Prizes will be awarded to top entries (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) for Best Map and Judges will select top entries to distribute cash prizes for Best Mod from a Prize Pool.


Starts: NOW!
Ends: October 31st, 2017


1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $2,500
3rd Place - $1,000


$4,000 Prize Pool


Starts: November 1st, 2017
Ends: February 15th, 2018


1st Place - $10,000
2nd Place - $5,000
3rd Place - $2,500


$10,000 Prize Pool

Winners in each category will be announced and contacted within 4 weeks after each Round comes to an end.

The following contest categories are defined as:


A map created within the historical timeframe and setting consistent with the United States or other foreign entities’ involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

Maps designed for game modes or another mod are also eligible.


A mod or modification is classified as, but not limited to, a Weapon, Game Mode, Character, Vehicle, Faction, etc.

This category is very loosey defined on purpose - suprise us!

Judging Criteria

The Judging Team is composed of many experienced Games Industry professionals from both Tripwire and Antimatter Games. Aiding in separating the wheat from the chaff, the Community will participate by helping to decide and narrow down the best submissions from the contest.

Judges will meticulously review each submission and award the top enteries for Best Map and Best Mod based on the following criteria:

1. Design and Gameplay
2. Visual Quality
3. Creativity
4. Polish / Completeness

NOTE: The category for Best Mod will only be judged based on relevant criteria - for example, Game Modes will not be judged on Visual Quality if there are no new UI elements.

Contest Rules & Terms

All content submitted must be allowed to be distributed with Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. This means submissions must be completely original content, modified/unmodified versions of Tripwire Interactive’s games or you must have full permission from the original author to use their content in this contest. And please don’t make one-to-one copies of maps from other games.

Your Map/Mod must work with the current version of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam available via Steam and must be made available via Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's Steam Workshop.

All submissions to this contest must also be made publicly available using

To enter the contest, you must also complete the submission form, including your full contact details and a link to your submission on Steam Workshop. Finally, by entering the contest, you consent to your submission remaining available on Steam Workshop after the contest comes to a close.

The community will have an opportunity to choose the top entrants in each Round and Category, with the final judging being carried out by members of the development team at Tripwire and Antimatter Games. Learn more about the judging criteria.

Cash prizes are in United States Dollars (USD) and are non-negotiable. Prize-winners are responsible for any or all related taxes incurred. Tripwire is not obliged to award all the prizes if there is a lack of entries or entries are not of acceptable quality.

Please keep in mind that anything that is illegal, breaks the terms of our EULA or is otherwise offensive will not be allowed. Employees or contractors of Tripwire and Antimatter Games are automatically disqualified.